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In July 2009, the MGMoA hired two conservators, Alison Whyte and Monica Hudak from the Oriental Institute, to stabilize the painting on the top half of the Roman Era mummy’s sarcophagus.  This needed to occur before the mummy could be loaned to the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock.  Otherwise flecks of paint may have come off during the moving process.  Additionally, the conservators created supports to protect the mummy during her transport.  Funds for this conservation project were provided through the loan fee.


In September 2014, conservator Victoria Lupia was hired to treat the bronze disease on several of the museum's Egyptian bronze god figures.  Bronze disease eventually eats away at the bronze similar to the way rust eats away at iron.   In addition to stopping the bronze disease, Victoria was also able to bring out original details by cleaning away built up corrosion.  Notice the whiskers on the Bastet head.  They were not apparent before the conservation process.  Funds for this conservation project came from individuals and businesses that gave to the Power2Give crowdfunding campaign. (Thank you!)


Conservation is an important part of keeping the objects in the museum safe and in good condition for future generations.  You can help make this possible!  Visit the reception desk to become a museum member or make a donation today.  If you're offsite, you can make a donation here.  Any amount is appreciated. 


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