Frizzlefrump Finds New Home at Museum

Delaynna Trim, Curator of Collections

Every piece donated to the museum has a story. Sometimes we are told the story when it is donated, sometimes we have to discover the story. 

Frizzlefrump, Patrick Riley, Gift of the Artist

You may know Patrick Riley from the years he did caricatures at ArtsTrek, or from his masks outside the museum’s entrance, or from his many years of teaching summer arts camps. Recently, Patrick came to us with a very special gift. During the 1960s, he worked in many different materials including metals, and created fantastical creatures he called Frizzlefrumps.

He donated one of his early Frizzlefrumps created from silver, coral, citrine and stone to the MGMoA . This photo of Patrick shows him working on the Frizzlefrump that he donated to the MGMoA!

Patrick Riley c. 1960s. Photos Courtesy of: Oklahoma Historical Society


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